Thursday, February 23, 2012

Now These Are Real Mountains

Ten months out of the year it seems like we go non-stop.

So we tend to disappear from everyone's radar around January and February so we can recharge for a while.

Last month we went to the cabin for a couple of weeks.

A much needed chance to do a whole lotta nothing.

While in Colorado we also stopped by the stock show in Denver.

I loved watching the cattle dog sale.
Why in the world don't my lazy mutts work that hard?

Oh yeah, and we picked up a couple of special visitors at the airport.

Good ol' Cousin Eddie and his mama.

Before we headed back out to the mountains, we made a necessary trip to Tipsy's.

Definitely the biggest liquor store I've ever been to.

If I could transplant their gigantic two-sided fireplace into my house, I would be perfectly happy.

And Eddie wouldn't mind transplanting Miss Thang into his house either. 

Cousin Eddie and Aunt Sam were such fun guests.

You'll always have a good time when Eddie is around. And Aunt Sam is an absolute doll.

And because it's not a party without a full house, we also invited up my best friend and her family from Vegas.

In high school, she used to invite me on her family's vacations to Colorado. I love that I can now repay the favor by inviting her on ours.

We stopped by the oxygen bar in Breckenridge one afternoon.

Pay no attention to the doofus with the "I forgot my dentures at home" face.

That man's not right.

And it is apparently his life's goal to ruin every picture we take together.

Otherwise, we spent the rest of our time eating, drinking ...

Sitting around ...

And riding 4-wheelers around the mountain.

I'll never get tired of this place.

Or of these two girls.

Love them.

Sophia was such a joy to have around.

Isn't she absolutely gorgeous? Love those baby blue eyes.

What's that going on in the background you ask?

I have no flippin' clue.

Can anyone explain to me what's wrong with those two?

Woodrow is half-crazy and even he knows something's up with them.

The finger point?


And if that's not proof enough that my husband is stuck in his childhood ways ... and the 80's. Then this video is:

We can't seem to go bowling in Colorado without him breaking out the moonwalk.

Woodrow is not impressed.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Gift Exchange and Link Up

I am a sucker for gift exchanges.

Love giving.

Love getting.

I am also a sucker for getting sucked into other people's blogs. And therefore, their lives.

Recently, one of my favorite blogs advertised a chance to link up with other bloggers and exchange gifts.

Translation: Find new people to stalk on the internet AND get presents as a reward.

Yes, please.

I was partnered up with Megan over at Absolute Mommy.

I instantly fell in love with her blog and her tell-it-like-it-is writing style.

I'm not a sugar-coater. And neither is she.

After learning a little more about each other, we went shopping.

I was inspired by one of her posts where she posted a picture of her dream blogging space. I sent her some funky new frames and desk accessories to get her started.

I had so much fun shopping for her things that I almost forgot that I was getting something in return.

And then it came!

I am in heaven.

I had told her that one of my favorite past-times is rotting my brain with gossip magazines.

And she delivered.

I didn't even mention my weird obsession with constantly making lists and notes throughout the day, but girlfriend read my mind! She sent me all kinds of cute little notepads.

Top it off with some adorable new boot socks (which I needed!) and a cute little necklace -- and you have the perfect grab bag of gifts.

I used to get a lot of care packages in the mail from my parents.

And then I got a dog.

Every package after that was puppy themed.

And then I got a husband.

The boxes are now full of dress shirts and entire wardrobes for my husband (my mom is apparently his personal shopper).

Which is exactly why I loved getting something in the mail that was just for me.

Thank you Megan!