Monday, May 24, 2010

From City Lights to Country Nights

Well, I did it. After years of loving it, followed by years of not-really-loving-it, and then months of talking about leaving it, I finally left it. I left the world of television news. I am now a full-time farm wife. WHAT?!?!?! I know. I'm still trying to process it myself.

Overnight I went from evening news anchor and executive producer of a network affiliate television station to the simple job title of "wife." It doesn't sound glamorous and I am sure at times it won't be, but the sweet rewards will be well worth it. Rewards like having the time to make my husband a home-cooked meal. Or getting the opportunity to go home to Kansas for a holiday for the first time since 2005. Those rewards are far more glamorous than being on TV everyday.

I will miss the excitement of a breaking news story, the adrenaline of trying to get newscasts ready on time, and maybe even some of the ridiculous drama that goes on in television newsrooms (you newsies now exactly what I mean).

But it was time for me to say good-bye. Or maybe just see-ya-later.

No more scripts, camera cues or teleprompters for me. I don't need a director anymore either. My new motto is to follow the direction of my heart. Sappy, I know. But don't we all need a little sap and heart in our lives?

Rather than shuffling scripts, my new job will require the shuffling of cows, (disobedient) dogs, farm workers and maybe the occasional black snake if it gets in my way.

Have you ever wondered what news anchors do during the weather segment? We pretty much just chill. I wrote out grocery lists, practiced my cursive handwriting on old scripts, and my co-anchor and I would make up our own version of the "dirty weather headlines." Don't you wish you knew what was on the rest of that paper? It's good. Too good to share.

I will, however, miss having a microphone. You see, my husband has selective hearing. It's like he doesn't even need that handy little mute button on the audio board, he has one built in. Maybe a nice new bullhorn will ensure that he hears me whenever I have "important" things to say. And it's all important.

What will life be like without the crazy sports guy who thinks he's God's gift to women? My husband is of the same attitude, so I am sure he will happily fill that void.

Oh look ... he stopped his shenanigans long enough so I could get a picture with him. Love ya, Mike.

Grab a drink folks, because here's to the start of something new!

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