Friday, August 6, 2010

Wild Wild West

No, I didn't die. Or disappear. I just escaped to Colorado for a week and a half.
I am thinking about getting a second throw pillow made that says "You never know how much your children are willing to mooch off of you until you own a cabin." My parents built a vacation home in the Rockies a few years back.

Believe it or not, I'm not the biggest offender for once. I visit the cabin about once every year and a half. My brother seems to be there just about every other month.

It was the perfect backdrop for an escape from the summer heat. And for getting spoiled by my doting parents.

I brought my little dog Banjo with me, too. The "granddog" got far more attention that I could ever hope for though.

Here is a montage of what his lazy butt did for 10 days...
Somewhere towards day 8 he realized there was a nice view outside.
That's when he decided to spend the duration of his stay on top of the couch so he could see the scenery a little better.
He's no dummy. He's got the best seat in the house.
He did get a little bent out of shape when I would leave him to go on my daily excursions.
So I took him for a couple of 4-wheeler rides to satisfy his curiosity. Chihuahuas aren't really made for the rugged outdoors.

I am sure it is probably highly illegal, but I picked a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. But by time I got down the mountain to give them to my mother, they had been jostled into nasty juicy shreds.

This is my rear-end... bringing back the early 90's, one fanny pack at a time.

My dad seems to think that since his camera came with a fanny-pack case, that's the best and only way to transport it. I had the pleasure of doing so on our hikes. At least it was black pleather. That's way better than that neon crap. Or maybe not.

He also thinks aqua socks are cool and couldn't understand my fit of laughter when I saw him wearing them. I hadn't seen those things since our family vacation to Virginia Beach when I was 10.

But let's be honest, if you saw what was going on under those water shoes you'd be happy he wore them. He's not exactly up for any foot model of the year awards.

One of my new favorite spots is the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort. It was so relaxing after a day of 4-wheeling and hiking.

I promised my mother no bathing suit shots. Sorry to those of you who are disappointed. I am sure you were waiting with bated breath to see what we look like in our tankinis... except those of you who are smart and want to keep your lunch down.

And you know it wouldn't be a true farm wife retreat without some sewing. I recruited my mom for a 10-day unpaid apprenticeship to make aprons. She gladly accepted. (Not that she had much of a choice)

The highlight was when I got to attend her "Stitch'n'Bitch" luncheon. Once a year she gets together with the other ladies on the mountain to show off their projects, talk about their husbands and gossip about the neighbors. I was about 40-50 years younger than most of them, but was highly impressed with their spunk and sassiness. These were my kind of ladies.
All in all, it was a fantastic trip. And where better to take a family portrait to commemorate it all than on the back deck next to the garden hose? Sweet. We are too casual of a family to realize that there are million dollar views in the front of the house. Nope, I think we'll just stand right here.

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