Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And We're Off!

I am full of brilliant ideas. (yeah right) And my most recent brilliant idea was to go on a cross country Christmas trip to visit as many relatives as possible. 

We set off the week before Christmas. Me, my farmer, the Chihuahua, the Border Collie, and about a thousand suit cases. Oh yeah, and my husband convinced me that we should drive his truck. Forget the comforts of my SUV, we crammed ourselves, two pooches and about 100 pounds of dog food into his 4-door pick-up.

Our first stop was Southern Virginia. 

My mother-in-law rented this cool old cabin near her hometown for the week. The house used to be a hotel. 

Just beyond the old fences in the front yard, we had views of a little country church.

My husband's family graciously moved up their Christmas celebration a couple of days early so we could fit it in our whirl-wind trip.

His grandmother, known affectionately to the whole town as "Ma", hosted the meal at her old country store. This store is like something out of a 1950's movie. As the world changes, time has stood so beautifully still there. Ma's store still has the original old wood floors, she still sells drinks in glass bottles and if you show up at the right time, she'll probably invite you to stay for a meal.

 It truly was a perfect backdrop for a family Christmas gathering.

And look, I actually got one picture of the two of us where that nit-wit isn't sticking his tongue out at me.

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