Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Born

While most women my age have actual five year olds, I am quite content with a 5-year-old Chihuahua for now. Who needs a snot-nosed crumb-crunching human baby when you can have the canine version as cute as this?

My tiny furbaby turned half-a-decade old recently. Puppy birthdays at our house are celebrated with a trip to the pet shop.

Yes, I am the crazy dog lady who puts cloths on her pup.

And I can't even explain the great restraint I have to practice not to put my boy dog in any of the cute girl dog cloths.

They don't make all of this cute stuff for the boys.

Just ugly t-shirts, that say dumb stuff like "scratch my belly" and "fetch."

I'd like to think little Banjo is more sophisticated than that.

So, like any self-respecting dog-owner, I opted to get him a leopard-print snuggie instead.

That's right, we headed straight for the As Seen On TV section of the pet store. Who even knew they had one?

And with a clearance price of $4.98, I just couldn't pass it up.

I swore I would never do it.

But the little weirdo loves it. 

Look at him all stretched out like a crazy man.

((Note: Yes, he is sitting on my lap. No, I am not wearing a blue snuggie ... although my electric throw blanket's vibrant blue color does bear a striking resemblance to the original snuggie))

((Another side note: While I'm already making myself look like a dang fool by admitting that I bought my dog a snuggie ... then I may as well confess that I did at one time own the original blue snuggie myself. They were all the rage at my old TV station. All the cool kids had one.))

I think he really likes it.

Or maybe not.

I'm pretty sure he's giving me the stink-eye right now.

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elece said...

Who needs a snot-nosed crumb-crunching human baby---awwwww :(

I can not believe they actually sell racks of dog clothes like that. I thought the pics were taken at Gymboree or something. That's crazy, but very cute! Thank goodness Miss Emmagrace didn't get her dog. :)