Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was a whirlwind this year.

Isn't it always?

This year was our turn to spend the holidays with J's family.

Since we stuck relatively close to home, I thought I would put up a few decorations.

I even decorated the farm office for once.

And that's when I found out my husband was a closet Clark Griswold.

10 foot ceilings + 12 foot tree = not happening.

But thanks to a handsaw, a step ladder and some extra-long grilling tongs to reach ornaments on top ... we got the tree trimmed and decorated.

(Pay no attention to the floor. It's a farm office. There is no hope.)

The decorations are a tad guido for a farm, I know.

But that's how we roll.

Add in scented candles in every room and Christmas music blaring 24/7 and it definitely sucked all of the testosterone out of the building.

Woodrow was not impressed.

He just wanted out.

And of course I had to host a Christmas dinner party for friends as an excuse to get my holiday dishes out.

(As soon as I find my silly camera, I will post actual pics from the dinner)

But until then, Merry Christmas and happy 2012!

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