Monday, June 14, 2010

No Time Like Quittin' Time

My husband says retirement is for people who don't love what they do. He loves farming and will do it until the day that he dies.

But I'm not asking him to retire. I'm just asking him to come home at a reasonable hour so we can eat supper before 10:00 pm for once in our lives.

I'm about done. I just need to take the tractor over to my dad's. Follow me so I have a ride back.

Okay, sounds easy enough.

This is farm wife duty #382. Lead or follow equipment with your flashers on. And let me tell you, in an area like ours which is slowly being populated by city-dwellers and yuppies -- they aren't fond of driving behind a slow tractor. They want to live in the country, but they don't want to be bothered by farming, livestock and everything else that comes with life in the country.

My husband always makes fun of Kansas for not having trees. I usually get defensive and come back at him with some sort of joke about his state being full on toothless inbreds. But I must admit, it's rare that you see a tractor pass under a beautiful canopy of trees in the plains.

Or so much pavement. We've got blacktop galore out here. But the nice thing is, I can actually wash my car and it will stay clean... sort of. The second I drive up the gravel lane to our farm it gets a layer of dust on it. But at least I have that few miles of blacktop from town to the farm where I am beaming because I have a shiny clean car. (But lets be honest, I don't think my car has seen a car wash since my mother's last visit .... in October 2009)

Oh look, we're here! Park that baby and let's go home for supper.

No really, hurry up. Get out. We all know what happens when I'm hungry.

What?!?!? You have to fill up a 750 gallon tank now?
God, grant me the serenity...

Fine, I will just pass the time by taking pictures of your tractor.

When is the last time you had this thing painted?

Oops! How did that get in there?
Marlboro Man who?

And now for halftime entertainment. The love of my life decides to give me a lesson on how the sensors on the sprayer help you evenly distribute your -- whatever is in the tank -- across your acres.
I've always wondered how that works.
Yeah, right.
Oh, the scowl.
Are you recording me?
No honey, I'm just capturing your essence on film.
And trying to figure out how in the ever-living world I'm going to get those grease stains out of your jeans.

I mean really, how does that even happen?

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KS Farmer's Wife said...

Andrea - great blog! It's nice to see another farm wife sharing her perspective. As for the grease stains on his pants - add a bit of Dawn dish detergent along with regular laundry detergent and Oxyclean in his laundry. Don't add too much or you're going to have a plumbing issue on your hands!
Good luck and keep up the great work!
Sarah Toll