Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Come On Spring

Woodrow and I have spring fever. We're tired of being couped up all winter.

All the poor dog wants to do is run around outside. But it's just too dang muddy. And his body is a magnet for mud.

But with a face like this, how could you say no to a little 4-wheeler ride?

Except, no matter what I tried ... I couldn't seem to get the flippin' 4-wheeler out of the barn. It was blocked in, in every direction.

I had to use all of my might to push a disc out of the way and then I still had to drive over a mower that was hooked up behind a tractor. Farm safety at its finest. (If I go missing, that means my husband read this and locked me in the house forever.)

But I finally got it out.

The back tire is flat -- likely as a result of what I just did -- but we're going for it.

Mr. Pent-Up-Energy just can't take the wait any longer.

And of course he heads straight for the biggest mud puddle on the farm.

Just as it looks like he is going to dodge it, he dives right in.

Now I have to go to my Zumba class with mud splatters all over my yoga pants.

Thanks mutt.

He turns and gives a half apology, so I forgive him.

During our ride, we came across this cool old fence post and barbed wire that I had never noticed before.

I thought I would snap a few pictures.

And a few more.

I got a little obsessive.

Because that's what I do.

Take crappy pictures that I will never do anything with because they aren't good enough to frame. I've clogged up 3 computers, 1 external hard drive and numerous flash drives with this nonsense.

And then you have this guy. Who lets me know it's time to stop taking pictures by biting the 4-wheeler tires like a madman.

I think I may have accidentally run over his nose.


After a nice long run, the poor little dude is pooped.

I didn't realize this was Woody's first 4-wheeler ride of the season, so we may have overdone it a bit.

 Or a lot.

Okay, now he's just being dramatic.

And downright ridiculous.

 Apparently it's the end of the world.  He is so worn out he collapsed at his water dish. He couldn't even stand up to drink.

Somebody report me to canine protective services.

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