Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farm Party

This past weekend was our annual summer party at the farm.

It takes a real genius to book a party on the hottest weekend of the year. Every year.

Two geniuses, actually. I'm not taking all of the blame for this, I'm bringing my husband down with me.

The heat was in the triple digits and the heat index was well beyond that.


Even the hardcore beer drinkers switched over to sucking down bottles of water.

But we survived, and stuffed our faces with a feast in the process.

A caterer friend of ours made the most amazing seafood boil I've ever had.

Make that the only seafood boil I've ever had.

As a matter of fact, I think I just started eating seafood this past weekend.

So all you haters of us beef-eating inlanders can shut your faces about my unsophisticated palate.

I've added seafood to my food repertoire.

Steak, potatoes, all things fast food, and now seafood.

It sure doesn't suck when one of the region's best caterers just happens to be a friend who is ready and willing to hall his mobile kitchen to your farm -- all the way from Virginia Beach.

And here is where I shamelessly promote said friend.

Call Corey at The Catering Place for all of your catering needs.

757-923 ... okay, I'll shut up. You get the point.

The newlyweds came all the way from Kansas City.

I wasn't sure what my new sister-in-law would think.

She's a city girl and there is nothing city about where we live, other than the fact that there is a big city an hour away. 

But she's survived a couple of our Griswold family Christmases in Colorado, so hopefully a weekend with the Clampetts wasn't all that bad. 

We got a really cool local band to come out and play for the night.

And of course my husband just had to go up on stage and sing.

For an hour.

But that's okay because I found a pretty cute little dance partner to take his place.

And just when I'd go to sit down, she was back for more.

My dance card was full all night long.

This little cutie is her big brother.

He's got some moves like I've never seen before.

Ever seen the Armless Vertical Worm? I hadn't either until Cooper hit the dance floor.

I seriously think he needs to go on the road and dance backup for Lady Gaga.

And it wouldn't be a party if our friend Lyle didn't come up and do his spot-on version of Labamba.

Once the sun started to go down the heat let up a little bit ...

...and the men gathered around the food table and started round two.

Or five, or six.

The diehard cornhole players rounded up spotlights so they could play well into the night. 

Christiansburg (Virginia) High School Class of 1997.

It's a mini-reunion every year.

The guy on the left is Corey, Mr. Caterer Extraordinaire.

And the girls on each side of my husband are the two girls he said he would have married had I not come along.

I can't decide who should be thanking who that things turned out the way they did.

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