Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Snapshots

It's been a busy spring and summer here at the farm this year. I'm actually proving to be slightly useful on occasion.

But not enough to get on payroll.

That will never happen.

Ever. According to my husband.

Way to rain on a girl's parade.

Speaking of the boss man...

He is willing to squeeze me in his schedule if I bring him food.

But if I don't lose him back to the tractor, I lose him to his cell phone.

I swear, that man talks on the phone as much as a teenage girl.

Hay making is in full swing.

Just as wheat harvest is gearing up.

We definitely don't do wheat on the same scale here as my friends and family back in Kansas.

But just enough to make me miss home.

The wild berries are back.

I get a phone call last night from my husband...

"In back of the shop, behind those tractors, you'll find a sh*t ton of wild berries.

I need you to pick those.

And can them.

And then can store-bought berries.

Some with more sugar. Some with less.

I need to know the difference."

Okay, nerd. I'll get right on that.

He has been oddly obsessed with the fact that I can sew and can jams and jellies since I met him.

His friends said when he first met me and would tell them about me he didn't give the usual guy-meets-a-girl description of  "I met a girl. She's hot."

Nope, it was more like. "I met a girl. She's from Kansas. She can sew and can preserves."

I'm pretty sure that's guy code for she's ugly.

Speaking of sewing. I made this mommy & me apron set for a friend the other day.

She and her husband have orchards. I got the aprons to them just in time for cherry pie making.

A nice night out that turned into the usual I-married-a-5-year-old picture taking session.

Never fails. I always have to take two.

Love his white forehead?

I don't.

That's why I spray-tanned it that night after seeing this picture.

Who's manly now?

And it wouldn't be an official blog post if I didn't mention one of the dogs.

So here's Woodrow the Weirdo:

Such a little drama king.

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msprice said...

Your blog is hilarious and never fails to make me giggle! :D