Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will Work for Water

Labor Day is in just a matter of days, bringing summer to an end. But something seems a little backwards because I've been doing a lot more laboring than I have summering these past few months.

Want to know the quickest way to lose sleep? Most new mothers will tell you it's having a baby. Wrong. It's opening your big fat mouth and offering to help on the farm.

Such offers will lead to midnight dates moving irrigation.

How romantic.

There's nothing like the soft glow of 4-wheeler lights to set the mood... move irrigation.

And let's not forget about those sunset dates with irrigation.

This is our first year watering the fields. Until we figure out exactly what type of equipment will work best for our crops, we are borrowing some from a friend for a test area.

If you know anything about irrigation, you know that a small travelling gun will only cover a tiny area. Which means we have to move it every 8-10 hours.

It's starting to take over our lives.

So much so that there are nights we just crash on the couch at the farm office because we know we'll have to go move irrigation in the middle of the night.

How did my husband know that I always dreamed of growing up, marrying a farmer and sacrificing my every free minute to his existence?

I complain, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is still way better than a day job.

And if I didn't have an excuse to be standing out in a field at dusk with my camera, when else would I be able to take creepy sunset self portraits?

I look like I should be registered on some sort of database ... for creeps with creepy eyes.

I love this picture because it is so typical.

The mad finger point and the escaping dog.

Woodrow is naughty and he knows it.

And it's amazing how he has a radar for mud.

It has been a dry summer (hence, the irrigation) but yet he manages to find his way over to the well and lay down in the one and only puddle on the whole entire farm. 

Oh look, water spewing out in all directions.


It's going to be a long night.

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