Tuesday, September 6, 2011

County Fair

The county fair has officially come and gone.

Which hopefully means I won't have to witness people wearing faded black tapered Wranglers with metal tipped boots, topped off with Garth Brooks-style lightening bolt pearl snaps for another year. And we can only hope that the Toby Keith style straw hats will now be restricted to NASCAR infield parties only.

I always wondered what it was about the county fair that brings the drugstore cowboys out of the woodwork.

But then I remembered... fried oreos are enough to bring just about anyone out of hiding.

Even if it means committing fashion suicide in the process.

I packed on my yearly ten pounds during the fair this year.

With the fairgrounds just around the corner for the farm, I can't not eat lunch and dinner there everyday.

For one straight week, I cheated on my fast food addiction.

Oh yeah, and I also entered some stuff and got some ribbons. Blah, blah, blah. Didn't take many pictures this year. I was too consumed with the food.

And our friends' adorable kids...

Loud tractor pull anyone?

It is becoming a yearly tradition for our friends Misty and Eli to bring their kids up for our county fair.

I can't get enough of little Elijah. He is just too darn cute.

He's good. He somehow managed to not only steal my husband's ice cream, but he got him to spoon feed it to him.

I should be taking notes.

But I doubt I'll be taking fashion advice from him.

By the end of the night he had ditched his Wranglers for Thomas the Train long johns.

When big sister Mulledy Jane caught on to the fact Elijah was getting more face-time in front of the camera than she was, she offered up her own little photoshoot.

And then gave me her best gansta 'what up' pose. 

Two nights later, Misty's sister Elece and her family came to the fair.

We watched some intense goat milk drinking and cherry pie eating contests.

That's when Elece's husband and little boy decided they just couldn't watch from the sidelines any longer.

They entered in the hay bale throwing contest.

And for the record I did too, but didn't place this year.

I'm a wimp now.

I think it's all that fried food.

Little Jakob is a diehard cowboy who wants to be just like Jason Aldean.

Including the pierced ears.

And he's a little rodeo cowboy in the making.

He even practices getting bucked off fences.

Meanwhile, his big sister, Emma Grace, is a city girl. At just 7 years old, she could probably teach these fair goers a thing or two about fashion.

Miss Thang has got it going on.

Now that the fair is over and the fairgrounds are empty, it's kind of sad.

I've already made grand plans of working all year on tons of fabulous projects to enter next year. But who am I kidding? I won't follow through on any of them. As always, it will be a last-minute mad dash next August to whip up a bunch of crap and hope for the best.

That's life for an unorganized farm wife.

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