Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All Aboard

To say I have an aversion to flying would be a gross understatement.

To say that you have to either liquor me up or knock me out before a flight would be a little more accurate. (I actually read in Time magazine that airport bars are busier than ever thanks to aerophobia.)

But my fear of and hatred for flying is something that not even Xanax could contend with.

So now that I have a little extra time on my hands, I thought I would try out a new mode of transportation.

I took a train to Minnesota this past weekend for my friend Molly's wedding.

And from the quaint train stations....

... to the conductors in their adorable little get-ups, complete with hat and pocket watch, I would say I have a new obsession.

I never knew how amazing train travel was.

I can't even explain how excited I was to try out the train.

I even got a new carry-on bag to celebrate the occasion.

And I loaded my eReader with a bunch of new books for the trip.

 I love this thing.

And I love its dictionary function even more... because I really need it.

I would say I'm not as smart as I look but I'm pretty sure I don't even look very smart. Therefore, dictionaries are good for dumb people like me.

I have decided that Amtrak is one of the best ways to see America. Trains go where roads don't. The views were amazing.

If you can get past the sticker-shock of what it costs to upgrade to your own private room on a train, I recommend trying it.

Not only is the privacy nice but you get a personal attendant.

I always knew this was the life I was meant to have.

When I got back from dinner on the dining car, he had turned down my bed.

When I went to breakfast in the morning, the stealth steward had snuck in and disassembled the sleeping quarters and made it back into reclining seats.

And this trip totally catered to my laziness.

My little room had outlets to plug in my computer and watch movies. And there was "room service" where the attendant would take my order and bring me my meals if I didn't feel like going to the dining car. I woke up to fresh coffee brewing next to my room, and a morning paper slid under my door.

If only my little dog was allowed on trains like he is on planes, I would be sold.

On an unrelated side note: If you ever stay at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, they have quite the commode accommodations ... complete with a telephone.

Apparently, you can now do business while doing your business.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I love weddings.

And I went to one of the coolest weddings ever this weekend.

It was for my college roommate, who happens to be a huge baseball and Minnesota Twins fan.

When I got to my hotel in Minneapolis, I was greeted with an adorable little gift.

A bucket filled with stadium food.

I think I died and went to heaven.

Cracker Jacks, peanuts, sunflower seeds; she thought of it all.

The invitation and save-the-dates were equally adorable.

On the left is her invitation, which is identical to a game ticket.

On the right, her save-the date. It was designed after a baseball card. On the front, the couple's picture. On the back, their "stats" ... including the date of their first meeting, first date, first kiss. Too clever.

I had to fly solo at this wedding, hubby couldn't leave the farm.

The welcome table at the reception was filled with all things baseball. Wheaties boxes featuring the Minnesota Twins, the couple's baseball gloves and all sorts of memorabilia of America's favorite past time.

Rather than sign a guestbook, we signed home plate.

She thought of every little detail.

And the venue just happened to be the Metropolitan Club at Target Stadium, where the Twins play ball.

And of course her colors were team colors, navy and red.

The night was simply perfect. 

And the couple -- adorable.

Her soldier deploys in a little more than a month. So the beginning of this marriage is bittersweet.

Needless to say, the bride was quite popular. It was nearly impossible to get a picture with her.

So another sorority sister and I thought we would take matters into our own hands.

We have several pictures like this one, from all angles. I'm pretty sure we reached stalker status.

Crap, I just got caught.


This is the girl who used to yell at the top of her lungs while watching Minnesota Twins' games on TV in college. Not gonna lie, we thought she was border-line nuts during baseball season.

And today it has all come full circle, as she is the most beautiful bride -- celebrating her wedding day at the Twins' stadium.

Pi Love Mrs. AndersEn.

((that's right folks, with an E. And you better get it right.))

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Come On Spring

Woodrow and I have spring fever. We're tired of being couped up all winter.

All the poor dog wants to do is run around outside. But it's just too dang muddy. And his body is a magnet for mud.

But with a face like this, how could you say no to a little 4-wheeler ride?

Except, no matter what I tried ... I couldn't seem to get the flippin' 4-wheeler out of the barn. It was blocked in, in every direction.

I had to use all of my might to push a disc out of the way and then I still had to drive over a mower that was hooked up behind a tractor. Farm safety at its finest. (If I go missing, that means my husband read this and locked me in the house forever.)

But I finally got it out.

The back tire is flat -- likely as a result of what I just did -- but we're going for it.

Mr. Pent-Up-Energy just can't take the wait any longer.

And of course he heads straight for the biggest mud puddle on the farm.

Just as it looks like he is going to dodge it, he dives right in.

Now I have to go to my Zumba class with mud splatters all over my yoga pants.

Thanks mutt.

He turns and gives a half apology, so I forgive him.

During our ride, we came across this cool old fence post and barbed wire that I had never noticed before.

I thought I would snap a few pictures.

And a few more.

I got a little obsessive.

Because that's what I do.

Take crappy pictures that I will never do anything with because they aren't good enough to frame. I've clogged up 3 computers, 1 external hard drive and numerous flash drives with this nonsense.

And then you have this guy. Who lets me know it's time to stop taking pictures by biting the 4-wheeler tires like a madman.

I think I may have accidentally run over his nose.


After a nice long run, the poor little dude is pooped.

I didn't realize this was Woody's first 4-wheeler ride of the season, so we may have overdone it a bit.

 Or a lot.

Okay, now he's just being dramatic.

And downright ridiculous.

 Apparently it's the end of the world.  He is so worn out he collapsed at his water dish. He couldn't even stand up to drink.

Somebody report me to canine protective services.