Friday, April 20, 2012

Damma Taffy

My mother and grandmother came to visit a few weeks ago.

Not only did my mom clean out my hoarder-esque laundry room. But she did her usual day and a half of cooking where she makes all of our favorite meals, then freezes them in meal-sized portions.

All I have to do is pop them in the microwave.

That woman totally caters to my every whim when she's here.

And I definitely don't deserve it.

Mom left dad at home this trip and brought along good ol' Damma Taffy.

Who catered to Banjo's every whim.

Spoiled rotten.

My grandmother had never be to Washington, D.C. so we brought her into the city for a tour.

It just happened to be during the small 4-day window when the Cherry Blossoms were really at their peak.

D.C. was great but it wasn't the highlight of the week.

No, the highlight, believe it or not, was a trip to Wal-Mart....

...where we loaded Damma Taffy into a broken down wobbly store scooter and let her terrorize the candy and yarn aisles (apparently her two favorites).

She doesn't quite have the whole "turn on a dime" thing down yet.

You can hear here telling the man in the background "Lookout, woman driver!"

Love her. She is the definition of aging with a sense of humor.

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