Friday, July 13, 2012

Most. Amazing. Video. EVER.

As promised, I managed to sneak up on my husband a couple of times while he was playing his new mandolin.

He's starting to catch on to my candid camera tricks.

It took a few tries of ambushing him in the farm office...

Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

And here I finally succeeded.

This is J learning to play Cooperhead Road on his first mandolin.

Please do me (and you) a favor and watch until the very end.

You will want to see the mild meltdown he has when he messes up.

It's pretty awesome.

In a 4-year-old kind of way.

As a matter of fact, just go ahead and click the fullscreen button at the bottom right corner of the video player.

That went on for another 5-10 seconds but I knew better than to keep filming.

See you later.

It's been fun.

But it's officially time for me to go into hiding for about five years.

Because I don't want to be around when he sees this.

Peace OUT.


Sara Bloom said...

Ha-Larious! But sweet that he sings to you!

The Farmer's Trophy Wife said...

LOVE IT! and yes, he will probably kill you.

Maggie Price said...

seriously. the. greatest. video. ever.