Monday, August 6, 2012

Peach Pie and Sweet Tea

I've been filling in at my old TV station this summer and I think my husband is feeling a little neglected. So when he made a request a few weeks back, I agreed.

Let's be honest, it was more of a demand than a request.

He said, I need you to make sure there is always pie and sweet tea in this house.

That's what he said, verbatim. Because that's how he talks when he's feeling all manly and making demands.

So for once, I let him feel like he got his way.

And I've been a peach pie-making mofo ever since.

And now that apple season is starting, I'll will turn into an apple pie making fool.

 That is, until last night. When he changed up his demands a little.

I'm going to need you to do a cobbler every other week. And the occasional crisp, too.

Oh get over yourself, dude.

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