Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gotta Love Ted

My friend Ted just e-mailed me some pictures from the party.

I'm pretty sure it's this one that eventually led to the whole singing in public shenanigans.

This is me opening a coveted bottle of Brambleberry from Hazlitt 1852 Vineyard.
I have been staring at this bottle for six months.
I became addicted to Brambleberry when I worked in New York.
The rumors that I would send Ted massive amounts of cash so he could buy the wine by-the-case for me once I moved away may be true.
But good 'ol Ted left New York and moved to nearby Washington, D.C. to be a political correspondent.
He brought me two last bottles when he came six months ago.
And I couldn't bring myself to ever open those last two bottles.
But then I downed one on Saturday.
Did I mention they were 1.5 liter bottles?
That may explain some questionable ballet moves I thought I was so awesome at performing by the end of the night.
I always say boots are the new heels ... but leather soled boots also double as ballet slippers on a smooth concrete shop floor.
At least that's what the Brambleberry leads me to believe.
By the way, who is Ted?

He's this guy.

He was a reporter at the station where I anchored in New York.
And he's the only person who truly appreciates wine and fast food like I do.
We took this picture the morning after the party when we went to the casino breakfast BOO-FAY in town.
We both look a little rough, I know.
I do for obvious aforementioned reasons.
And Ted is on a post- RNC/DNC shaving strike.
Because it's the cool thing to do when you have a whole week without liveshots.
Otherwise, he's Mr. Clean Cut.
I wasn't kidding.

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