Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Tidbit #1 ... Family Pictures

My husband and I spent Christmas in Kansas and Colorado with my family this year.

I live for these moments and all of the memories we make.

But it's so hard to condense two weeks and 500 photos into one blog post.

So first, I give you family picture day in Colorado ....

J and I aren't picky, so we just snapped a quick shot in front of the cabin with the view at our backs.

But then when I got home and went through the pictures on my camera, I found this...

A photo shoot with my sister-in-law and father...

Taken by my anal-retentive brother ....

Who had to check out all of his lighting options.

Nice poses.

And this is the "tripod" he came up with for the group shot.

I'll admit, it's got some ingenuity to it.

We get one good shot...

Before my husband starts sticking his tongue out at the camera....

And me.

I'm starting to wonder if he ever will grow up.

My parents in front of the cabin.

My brother and sister-in-law.

I believe that move is called the toe pop.

It's a signature cheerleader stance.

She can pop her left toe.

She can pop her right toe.

And then the 10-year-old I'm married to decides to photo bomb with a toe pop of his own, while holding a Chihuahua in a Santa suit.

So manly.

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