Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Tidbit #2 ... Moonwalking Lessons

The small town about ten minutes from our cabin in Colorado has a little bowling alley that provides the town's only entertainment.

It's a tradition for us to go there every time we are in the area.

I don't know who invited the guy on the right.

The one who refuses to ever cooperate in pictures.

But he didn't have a choice in this one.

I got real-time action shots of Mr. I'm God's Gift to Bowling injuring himself.

All in the name of a gutter ball.

But have no fear...

He bounced back in time to do his yearly bowling alley moonwalk show:

Then he gave my sister-in-law an impromptu lesson on the moonwalk.

And I just can't help myself but to post her attempt.

This girl is one of the best dancers I know.

With lots of formal training.

But she just seems to miss the mark on this one.

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