Monday, March 25, 2013

A Long Winter

There is a whole lot of this that goes on around the farm office during the winter months.

These two mutts are the biggest farm dog impostors ever.

This one couldn't round up a herd of cattle if his life depended on it.

His strong suit is looking pitiful.

And begging to snuggle.


Both of them.

This little girl is the only one getting any work done around here.

She's successfully kept the barn mouse-free since last fall.

About the only excitement we've seen all winter is a little fence building.

After a long winter of staring at each other, it was kind of nice to have some new faces on the farm when the fence distributor stopped by and the crew putting in posts was here.

There are a handful of ornery calves who are responsible for this new fencing. 

They decided they like it outside of the pasture better than they do inside.

And they would find a way out at all costs.

Not for long sucka's.

As stir crazy as I've been with this extra long winter, I'm kind of glad I had an excuse not to help.

Building fence in blistering cold winds isn't exactly my idea of fun.

But thankfully it went up quickly and the cows are enjoying their new digs.

Except for these little punks...

They have been casing the perimeter ever since looking for their escape.

That's right, you better run the other direction when you see me.

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