Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baby in my Belly

I am officially back on the radar. 

I've returned from the seven depths of hell, otherwise known as the first trimester of pregnancy.

I've been cooking a baby for four months now and I'm finally ready to let the world know.

I know most people shout it from the rooftops as soon as they find out, but I've been oddly private about it.

My husband's favorite response when friends ask us why it's taken us so long to announce it: Well, she's not a proven breeder yet. So we thought we'd wait.

Or how he likes to say that I'm going to calve in August.

That girl who called me a heifer in high school must have known what she was talking about.

Alright, no one called me a heifer. 

But I do think it's hilarious when Nene Leakes on the Real Housewives calls people "Heifa."

I'm starting to feel like one myself.

I've been hiding my growing bump for weeks now.

But I finally decided that today was the day to start embracing it.

Except my husband was more worried about getting his new fence in the background than whether or not I was even in frame.


Alright ... enough nonsense.

Down to the good stuff.

We found out today it's a BOY!

You have no idea how happy I am.

It brings me great relief to know I won't have to turn into a baby-making factory.

We got a boy on the first try.

Pressure is off.


Sara Bloom said...

Welcome back and congratulations!

I love your posts! They always make me laugh... then I laugh some more after the people around me look at my with their "you're crazy" eyes.

Boys are wonderful and you're going to love being a Mom! Congrats again!

Jodi said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I may or may not have heard this FANTASTIC news a few weeks ago and I was dying to message you about it but I didnt want to be "that crazy cousin-in-law." That said, I didn't know it was a boy :)Congratulations!

Farm Wife said...

Thanks Sara! You crack me up :-)

Farm Wife said...

Thanks Jodi! You should just go ahead and jump on the baby band wagon with me ;-) Brandon could use a couple of little ranch hands!

Kristi said...

I kind of wondered if something was up when you were back here (which was confirmed by your mom the following Sunday with the words "I just have to show you this calendar Andrea made for us...)! Sooo happy for you guys! May I just say, with a little bit of prejudice, that boys are fun and life is NEVER dull!!

Farm Wife said...

Thanks, Kristi! I'm sure her face gave it away long before the calendar did :-) We put a strict gag order on it until we were able to tell J's parents as well. I'm impressed she made it all week!

KS Farmer's Wife said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I like how your husband says you're going to be 'calving' - that's what Matt would tell people when I was pregnant ;-). Silly farmers!
Anyway, you are going to be the BEST Mommy and you are going to just love having that little guy - they are so sweet! But if you think your husband's onery, just wait!
Let me know if you need anything or have any questions. Congrats!!!