Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday

When you are home with a baby you quickly learn that daytime television is awful, you can only bake so many Pinterest recipes and lounging on the couch has totally lost its appeal.

So, you go hunting for things to do.

Which lead to a trip down memory lane.

I came across my shot book from my 21st birthday.

That one oughta make my parents real proud.

But in flipping through the scrapbook-styled book, I was taken back to a time long before diapers, bills and real responsibilities.

It was also a time long before hips, flabby arms and funky shaped butts.

College ... Where our biggest concerns were what to wear out that night and if we had time to squeeze a tanning session in first.

We didn't go to the gym because we had to.

Our metabolisms were still intact and our bodies were tight.

We went because the boys went.

I even went as far as to strategically plan my workouts around when I knew a cute guy named John would be lifting weights on Monday afternoons.

We would go to theme parties.

In the pic above, my roommate Brooke and I are headed out to a "Professors and School Girls" party.

So inappropriate, I know.

Or my favorite was the "Broke as a Joke" party where you could only spend $5 on your outfit.

While most people hit up Goodwill. I decided to wrap a $2 Wall Street Journal around my body and use packing tape to make a mini-dress.


As I look at some of these pictures, I just can't believe we were ever that skinny.

I might be able to fit my right thigh into some of those miniskirts now.

And you won't ever catch me wearing white bottoms these days.

And least not until I lose 1,000 lbs.

I don't think college kids know how good they really have it.

Even while working on two degrees and holding down three jobs it was pretty damn awesome.

I mean, when else can I get away with cutting up a Bud Light box and fashioning it in a cowboy hat?

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