Sunday, September 29, 2013

Meet August

So I had a baby.

I wish I could tell you that's what I looked like at 9 months, but far from it.

That was more like 6 months.

Heck, that's practically what I looked like when I stood in front of the mirror this morning before church.

About month eight, I was getting tired of wearing the same maternity clothes over and over.

So I got creative.

To mix things up a little, I resorted to wearing my non-maternity stretchy strapless maxi dresses below the belly as long hippy skirts.

And that little gem of a sparkle top in the above picture?

That thing was a mini-dress from college.

By the end of my pregnancy, I was rocking it as a tank top.

Sad, I know.

But let's get real.

This is what I really looked like at nine months....

I felt like everywhere I went people were thinking, who invited Shamu?

I looked like I was about to tip over.

But then, out of nowhere, 11 days early, this little guy showed up.

Caught us off guard since we swore he would be late.

I had to pack a hospital bag between contractions because I was so sure he'd be late that I didn't even plan ahead.

Nursery wasn't totally done, bassinet wasn't up.

We were off to a great start at parenting.

Nineteen hours later, he made his arrival.

7 pounds, 14 ounces.

And thanks to the support of my husband and amazing doula, Anna, I got through it without any drugs, epidurals or IVs.

Continuing my brown-nosing ways from elementary school, I bribed the nurses with goody bags in hopes of getting on their good side.

August has been an angel from the very beginning.

It's fun to see his personality develop everyday.

I'm so thankful my parents were able to make the trip here from Kansas to meet the little guy when he came home from the hospital.

They were so helpful.

My mom took care of things around the house while I got in a solid two weeks of nothing but baby snuggles.

You can definitely tell there is a baby in the house now.

My husband had said that he didn't want baby stuff all over, cluttering things up.

But August's swing managed to find a spot in the den.

And he loves it. 

He's in it at this very moment, sleeping like a baby doll.

My little kangaroo baby is such a snuggler, too.

We have an assortment of carriers that he loves.

I just strap him on and go about my day.

Although my husband has decided that the sling is a little too hippy for his taste.

Too bad.

Baby loves it.

One great thing about being blessed with a pretty calm baby is that we can cart him just about anywhere and he just goes with the flow.

He checks irrigation.

And even picnics in the sod fields.

Now he is officially one month old and growing before our very eyes.

If I could just freeze this moment in time, I would.

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