Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip, Part 2 ... As Told by August

I'm baaaaaack.

Here's how the rest of my trip went....

Mom, Grandma and I went on another airplane ride.

This time to Arizona to meet my Gigi.

I traveled like a champ.

At this point I've been in six states in six days so you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little sleepy.

By the way, one of Grandma's third graders said I look like I have meatballs in my cheeks.

I'm just storing up for winter.

Those old people in Arizona have some pretty funky rides.

But the weather was nice so I had no complaints.

My Gigi is my great-grandma Kathy.

She's a pretty cool lady and is always blinged out with diamonds and fancy nails.

Mom got a little miffed when she realized Gigi can keep me laughing much longer than she can.

But I still had plenty of smiles to go around.

I've found that the more I smile and giggle, the more attention I get.

It's worked out pretty well for me.

Speaking of smiles, my mom is a total fraud.

She sent this picture out to everyone of me in my new reindeer hat that I got on Thanksgiving Day and acted like oh my cute little happy baby looooves his new hat.

Umm, no.

That's a load of baloney because this is really what I looked like about 2 seconds before she snapped that picture:

I wasn't smiling at all in that other picture.

I was just catching my breath between sobs.

And she tried to pass it off as a smile.

You gotta watch her. She's sneaky like that.

Grandma will vouch for me.

She knows I wasn't happy.

Then my mom thought it would be so cute to get a picture of me sleeping under a palm tree on Thanksgiving Day.

Seriously, it's like I'm just her living-breathing photo prop.

Case in point:

I'm clearly waaaaaay too long for the Christmas overalls Gigi bought me.

And upon realizing that my mom felt it necessary to take 1,001 pictures of me busting out of them.

Funny, ha.

Good one mom, you're hilarious.

Good-bye Arizona.

Nice to meet you Gigi.

Next stop, Colorado, where Grandpa's team played in a tournament.

I must be a good luck charm because they won both games that weekend and have been on an 8-game winning streak ever since.

It's probably because I'm so cute.

We had a long drive from Colorado back to Kansas, so we passed the time by making fun of Grandma without her knowing it.

And then we would send the funny pictures we made of her to Aunt Shannon.

Once we were back in Kansas, Grandpa and I finally got some quality time to talk about important world issues.

And then of course before I flew home, Aunt Shannon had to go shopping and buy me new clothes.

I have three shirts talking about how cool she is.

Maybe I should add something to the back that says something like in her own mind.

And now I am home sweet home.

Still trying to figure out what in the world it is my mom has me staring at while she does the dishes.

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