Monday, January 27, 2014

August's First Christmas

Christmas was extra special this year.

Even though he won't remember any of it, we wanted to make sure August got to experience all of the traditions surrounding the holiday.

Like going to pick out his very first Christmas tree.

Which made the perfect backdrop for lazy evenings relaxing by the fire.

August's first snow storm came and went and I doubt he knew the difference since I kept him inside the whole time.

Same for the second, third and fourth snow.

I guess I should have at least taken him outside and snapped a picture.

But instead we stayed indoors and played dress up.

Have you ever seen something so cute as a baby in Wranglers?

They are obviously too big, but that didn't stop us.

August wore them when he got all dressed up for his first time meeting Santa Claus.

And then didn't bother to even look at the camera despite Santa's best efforts to help us get a good picture.

But then Santa kept popping up everywhere we went.

So we also got a picture in the lobby of the pediatrician's office.

And at church during coffee one Sunday.

So I just started dressing August in an elf outfit in case we ran into the big guy again.

He had a pretty extensive holiday wardrobe.

Including Santa shoes.

And Frosty shoes.

But with all of the fun of Christmas trees, holiday outfits and Santa Claus, I want August to one day understand what it really is we are celebrating.

The birth of Christ.

So we started a new tradition this year of baking Jesus a birthday cake.

While I know he doesn't understand it this year, I'm hoping that something as simple as a cake will help remind the toddler, 10-year-old and teenage version of August what and who the holiday is really about.

Annnnnnd it's possible the cake actually says Happy Birthday Jesu 5. 

Someone really needs to tell these cake lettering companies to add a second S to the package.

J got his first Daddy mug this year. 

August and I made it at a local pottery place.

We also decided that we don't want to go overboard with gifts for August. 

Afterall, it's not his birthday we are celebrating. 

So we went with the Want, Need, Wear, Read gift-giving plan.

He got a total of four gifts.

Something he wants.

Something he needs.

Something he can wear.

And something he can read.

And it turns out Woodrow wanted the baby rattle as bad as August did.

Every other gift under the tree was untouched.

He has some kind of crazy radar for baby toys.

He managed to unwrap it, shred open the box and get the rattle out unscathed.

But after a little soap and water, August got to try it out.

And he approves.

For a need, August got socks.

For something to wear, he got more cloth diapers.

And to read, he got a book.

We went to eleventy-billion other parties and Christmas celebrations where the kid raked in the gifts.

So my plan to not spoil him failed miserably.

But he loves his new bib.

Can't get enough of his super soft Alpaca teddy bear.

And is totally digging the rocking horse he got at his grandparents' house.

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