Friday, February 7, 2014

Like a Boss

There's a new boss on the farm.

And he means business.

Today was August's first day in his big stroller without the car seat attachment.

So he really thinks he's somebody now.

We headed down to the barn to feed a baby calf who lost his mama.

You can see him in the background. 


Back and forth, back and forth.

He's pretty frisky.

And when they finally caught him out in the pasture after his mama died, he didn't want anything to do with being tied up.

He would rather run around like he's in the rodeo.

So naturally, he's been dubbed Frisky Tie Rodeo.

But as soon as he spots the bottle, he is cool as a cucumber.

And then the audience gathers on the other side of the gate.

Sorry, girls.

These aren't for you.

Our little pint-sized boss just takes it all in.

Admit it....

You know you want to squeeze those cheeks.

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