Friday, October 22, 2010

Farm Wife vs. Dust

I am not world's best housekeeper. Add in a summer drought (which means ridiculous dust), and a naughty dog who thinks he is a paper shredder ... and you have one messy farm office.

I tried dusting the place twice a day, but it still looked awful. Finally I said to heck with it. It's a farm. It's meant to be dusty.

And then I come upon piles of junk like this. With a dog oh-so-vigilantly guarding it.

You think I don't know you did this? Hiding under the coffee table looks pretty incriminating.

So does walking around the office with a Gatorade bottle label stuck to your hair. Those things don't just happen, Woodrow.

After temporarily giving up, I got inspired recently. I realized I have about 27 boxes of fall decorations in my basement and I may as well put them to good use.

And Voila!

Well, at least it's a slight transformation.

And it's possible that I went a little overboard. I mean, I did wrap up the TV stand in plaid ribbon.

My husband had to put his foot down when I was covering desks in leafy garland, leaving only about a 4-inch square of work surface.

My gratification came when a man stopped by the other day (and didn't realize I was within ear shot, in my sewing room) and said "this place sure looks a lot better now that he's got that little wife in here doing things."

You can call me "that little wife" any day, as long as it is accompanied by a compliment.

But sadly, just days after I put up all of those decorations, they are already covered in dust. And I refuse  to go dust every single stinkin' leave. Forget that.

I'll just shake it off a little when I shove it back in storage boxes and bring out the Christmas decorations.
Farms are supposed to be dirty.

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