Friday, October 29, 2010

Damma Taffy

Her name is Grandma Kathy. But to me, she is Damma Taffy.

She's probably one of the coolest grandmas around. As young children, she clothed my brother and boy cousin in Christian Dior suits and the best of the best. Meanwhile, my girl cousin and I got Dooney and Bourke purses and lots of glitz and glam.

Thanks to Damma Taffy, my neighborhood friend Sonja and I played "Rich Ladies In Town" with mink stoles and large gaudy costume jewelry. She is the reason I love huge diamonds.

Damma Taffy has a habit of spoiling her grandchildren to say the least.

She struck again the other day.

My mom was out in Arizona visiting Damma Taffy and called to check on the measurements for a few of my aprons. I thought, SWEET, maybe they'll send a couple yards of cute fabric.

Then I got this box in the mail ...

Peel back that first layer of fabric and you have all of this...

It's a mountain of fabric, ribbon, buttons and accessories.

Damma Taffy covered all of the major themes.
From the Red Hat Society...

To the fight again breast cancer.

And everything in between.

Everything was carefully sorted and coordinated with matching fabrics and accessories, then bagged up with directions as to what patterns they are intended for.

Am I spoiled or what?

This apron empire of my has pretty much turned into a family affair. I jacked all of my mom's unused fabrics, got a large portion of my aunt's goodies, and now my grandma is adding to it all.

And it's a good thing, too. Because the cute little old man who owns the fabric store just down the road from the farm is wintering in Florida until April. I've got plenty to keep me busy until he gets back to open his shop again.

My mom is notorious for buying a whole heap of stuff from a fabric store for some ambitious project she wants to do. And then, ten years later, that heap of stuff has turned into a heap of unused crap in the basement. In other words, the shopping part of all of this is fun for my mom and Damma Taffy. They get to do the fun part.

And luckily, I consider the actual sewing the fun part.

I would say the three of us make a great team. (Although I am undoubtedly getting the better end of this deal)

As soon as I got my new fabric, I delved right in.

This is the first apron I made from all of my new loot. The print has lots of retro aprons on it.

And best yet, it is my first plus sized apron to add to my collection.

Because they say you can never trust a skinny cook!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness you certainly add a lot of acolades for me in you blog. Yes your mom and I had a lot of fun going from store to store and I even have found another store not far from me. So I am just waiting for her to come back to check it out. I don't get out to shop at quilt stores so I was a real treat. I saw a lot of other material but we figured this would hold you for awhile.
Thanks again. Love ya
Damma Taffy