Friday, October 8, 2010

A Day In The Life Of...

My day started out pretty normal. Minding my own business (the best that I can) in my sewing room, putting together aprons.

I took a break to go down to one of the fields to take a few pictures. I love to capture that brief moment that fall first starts to make its arrival.

Yes, we are your typical farm in that machinery is parked and left in the same place that it died 20 years ago. That red spot is an old baler. I can't say that I've ever seen it in operation.

While I was out taking a pictures, I got a call that my husband needed me to run a set of keys into town.

When I got to town, I saw this:


I met my  husband at a location in town very near a pawn shop. I assumed this beauty must belong to them.

Nope, it belongs to one of my husband's acquaintances. He bought it so he and 87 of his closest friends could all go out together on the weekends.

 Dual wheels aren't just for farm trucks anymore.

For those of you who know my husband, you know that he is obsessed with the late 80's, early 90's. A car with a fin on the trunk is right up his alley. Before I knew it, he had a set of keys and we were taking this baby for a spin.

When I crawled in, I saw this behind the back seat. Please Lord let that be a hot tub. How freaking amazing (and hilariously cliche) would that be? This certainly explains what all of those extra wheels are needed for.
Meet my chauffeur... Who didn't even have the decency to open the door for me. Why am I not surprised. He was too excited to drive White Thunder (that's what I named her) to care about his passengers.

 After owning my car for more than three years, we have yet to figure out the DVD player. Maybe we should just install a tube TV and VCR. If the limo has it, it must be the cool thing to do, right?

I'll have to be honest with you, when my husband asked his friend if he would be willing to sell White Thunder I got a little nervous. But I think he was just making conversation (or at least I hope).

Could you imagine if that thing became the new run-around vehicle on the farm?

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