Monday, November 29, 2010

The Apron Empire

I have officially launched my apron business, and I'm just waiting for it to shoot up to "empire" status anytime now.

As usual, my lazy butt procrastinated and I pulled one straight week of all-nighters to put finishing touches on everything for my big open house debut.

But I quickly found out there is one major benefit to this all-nighter business. Breakfast.

The morning after my first all-nighter, I was treated to what was probably the best homemade breakfast I have ever had.

Who says dudes can't cook?

Our operations manager brought fresh eggs from his family's farm, ham that a he cured himself and some good ol' bread and cheese.

(Yes, I was so dang behind that I only had time to eat breakfast on my ironing board. I took bites in between sewing seams)

From that came the best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten. Ever. And anyone who has ever met me can testify to the fact that I am a fast food breakfast sandwich connoisseur. It's what I do. (And it also explains how my hips came about ... well, that and some unfortunate family genetics)

The morning after my second all-nighter. A repeat performance.

This time, a few more people conveniently showed up at breakfast time.

(Yes, I'd say it's about time we bought a real stove for the farm shop. This Bunsen burner looking operation just doesn't appear to be safe.)

Sausage this time. Yum.

These all-nighters really aren't so bad when you cap them off with 3,000 calorie breakfasts.

And they proved pretty productive, I got several more aprons done in time for my big day... Which, fortunately, turned out to be a great success:

I also launched my online store this week. You can check out my aprons right here.

My blog readers are eligible for a special holiday discount right now. Enter CHRISTMAS10 in the promo code section at check-out to get 10% off your order!

Come on people, buy buy buy! I would much rather sew and bug my husband all day than go back to a real job ;-)

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