Friday, November 26, 2010

Hillbilly Hunting Holiday

I don't have many rules with my husband. But there is one that I stand firm on.

No camouflage allowed outside of hunting. Let's be honest, the stuff is just plain hideous and otherwise unnecessary.

Let's not perpetuate the redneck stereotype that is often given to hunters and always given to West Virginians.

But it's opening week of gun hunting season ... so bring on the flood of camo.

And it comes in all shapes and sizes. From rubber boots (that are apparently reason to celebrate)... fleece for the preppy hunters...

... all the way down to mini-camo for the little guys (who also require portable DVD players to sit still and keep quiet while hunting).

You know a women loves her husband when she is a tried and true, born and raised, New York City girl but will buy head to toe hunting gear from Cabela's.

That's dedication.

My only involvement in opening week is keeping lots of food and hot drinks out.

One of my favorite parts of this week is that one of our annual houseguests just happens to own a catering business and has a culinary background. Last year he fried a turkey that was so amazing I gained 12 pounds just looking at it.

This year, he cooked up a mid-week storm ... with steaks, barbecue quail, Alaskan crab legs and sausage. So my husband invited over a couple of neighbors to share in the feast.

And then somehow half the county showed up. Funny how those things happen.

Why yes, that is a camper you see in the background. As if the camo isn't hillbilly enough, these die-hard hunters decided to pull a camper into the farm shop next to the giant stove and set up a "hunt camp."

You would think the main motivation behind this is having the convenience of beds, or even a kitchen on site. Nope, these guys were most thrilled about the idea of having a toilet just steps from their tree stands.


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