Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picture Proof

Remember this?

Guess what I found the other day.

Yep, that's my missing ribbon that my thieving husband stole.

 I found it tied around a bunch of knobs on a tractor.


What you are looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is some very specific (and expensive) ribbon that I needed for a project that as a result never happened.

I still can't figure out the purpose that it is serving.

I was going to confront him about it. But then I decided against it when I saw him working on his planter.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

In that case, this one would come with a bunch of expletives. (Do you see that clenched jaw? Watch out, the man is having some serious difficulties.)

Apparently something isn't working right.

This would be a bad time to bring up the ribbon.

But then he has the gall to ask for MORE ribbon from my sewing room.
This time to rig up his planter.

Oh, that is it.

Is he for real?
Does he seriously not see that giant knotted mess of baler twine in the corner?

Yep, he sees it alright. But he would rather use my nice pristine ribbon that is so neatly wound on a spool than dig through that heap of twine (which I am sure is in a knotted mess because he probably didn't take the time to organize it himself.)

That's when I held my breath, counted to ten and got some scissors.

I will be a good little farm wife and sort through that twine myself.

Problem solved.

And no one got hurt.

Or divorced.

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