Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Cousin's Wedding

I'm considering changing my blog from Diaries of a Farm Wife to Diaries of a Wedding Guest.

The year of the weddings continued this past weekend when my cousin, Brandon, married his beautiful bride, Jodi.

He is from a die-hard cattle-raising beef family.

And she works for the Kansas Pork Association.

There were lots of jokes about beef vs. pork all weekend.

Kind of made me feel sorry for chicken.

Okay, not really. A comment like that will get me kicked out of the family.

Speaking of ... Jodi's blog is called My Cousin is Vegan. Now I don't know who this cousin is, but that sounds like grounds for family expulsion to me.

The wedding was gorgeous.

And Pastor Ethan kept to his word and made the ceremony brief so we could all go party at the reception.

Don't let the whole pastor thing fool you, he likes a good party himself.

The reception was just down the road at C&W Ranch.

Recognize this barn from the top of my blog?

It got a major facelift:

The ranch has totally renovated the barn since my wedding there three years ago and Jodi and Brandon were the first to host a their reception there.

The inside is gorgeous. And Jodi's rustic decorations made everything come together perfectly.

Not gonna lie, I'm kinda jealous.

The hayloft was converted into a huge dance floor.

The newlyweds had the time of their lives dancing the night away.

And so did everyone else. The dance floor was full all night long.

And it all started out so innocently, with my cousins' kids showing the adults how it's done.

Miss Hallie is a big spender. She offered up a five spot to dance with the groom during the dollar dance.

And then she got a little bashful once she was up there.

This guy tried to swipe his card, but I don't think the bride was accepting debit.

And that's when I wheeled Grandma Kathy out on the dance floor.

Hang on granny, we're going for a ride.

She sure knows how to bust a move on four wheels.

Within minutes, she was the most popular person out on the dance floor.

Next thing you know, I bring out my own ridiculous moves...

And then pull out my best triple step. Whatever the heck that is.

And then I turn around to find my uncle doing his version of what I think is smack that ahh... nevermind.

See my sister-in-law behind him in the background?

Girlfriend is just happy to be alive.

Sista is livin' it up in the background of just about every dance floor picture I took.

It's kind of like a fun version of Where's Waldo. Except it's Where's That Blond Chick in the Purple Sweater Vest?

Nice jump move.

I think she got a little air on that one.

Yep, and now she's officially going to kill me.

She still hasn't forgiven me for posting the pics from her one-woman photo shoot in the bathroom.

But my brother seems to be impressed.

Heck, we all were.

And from then on the pictures start looking like this.

I'm really not sure why.

Congratulations Brandon and Jodi!

You two throw one heck of a party.


Jodi said...

Yay!!! I love this post and you are hilarious!!! It was so great to meet you and get to spend a little time on the dance floor with you. Next time I want to do the Kern zip-line!

Brooke @ Rural Gone Urban said...

Great post! Awesome Pics!

Crystal Cattle said...

I found your blog through Jodi's and that barn is awesome. I may or may have some moves like purple sweater vest girl!

Anonymous said...

I love your post! I was the girl from Ohio. I had a lot of fun at the wedding too!

Farm Wife said...

Thanks girls, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! What a fun night!

Love all of your blogs!