Tuesday, August 28, 2012

County Fair Time

That time frame spanning from shortly before Thanksgiving to New Year's Day is my favorite of the year.
Decorations are up. The kitchen smells like Christmas candy. And even the grumpiest of people are in a slightly good mood.
But the second best time of the year?
Duh. It's the county fair.
When I first moved here, I was slightly sad that the county fair here wasn't nearly as big as the fair I grew up with.
But then I got over it. And now I'm in love with it.
I entered a couple of aprons again this year.

Managed to get first on both.

But since it's hard to see what they really look like under the display plastic in the sewing department...

I enlisted the help of a model over by the show barn.

He does that apron justice.
He then informed me that, as a good wife, I should greet my husband at the door with nothing but an apron on every evening.
Which would be fine ... until I turned around and gave my husband a puke-worthy view of my backside.

I also entered in a machine applique project.
A cute little baby boy in Missouri is getting this burp cloth.

Not quite sure what this is. I just slapped some flowers and ribbon on a towel and entered it.
Gotta be honest, I whipped that thing out at the last minute.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with a white flowery tea towel.
Can you say not practical?

As usual, I indulged in my yearly week of heart attack-inducing meals.
We ate lunch and supper at the fairgrounds everyday.
I don't recommend eating a whole order of fried Oreos by yourself. Especially not right after downing a hot dog and nachos & cheese in a record five minutes.

I'm not quite sure what's going on in that picture.
Something about a jet engine propelled 3- or 4-wheeler setting a car on fire.
It just looked like something I should take a picture of.

Hands down, Karaoke night was a hit.
I had never been to Karaoke at a county fair before.
But let me tell you, it's not to be missed.
You've never heard Conway Twitty quite like this.

And this little girl was my favorite part of the whole fair.
I tried to buy her, thought I almost had her, but then her owner starting having second thoughts. I think he's pretty attached.
Not gonna lie, I got a little over anxious and already went to Tractor Supply and bought everything I would need to bottle feed her and raise her until she was ready to go to pasture with the other cows.
And it's possible that I already named her.
Indie Mickey.
Independence (or Indie) because she was born on the 4th of July. And Mickey after the guy who owns her.
I'm not giving up on this one.

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