Friday, August 31, 2012

My Name is Andrea, and I'm Addicted to FOOD

Good-bye fair food, hello fast food.
I started a weight loss challenge with a friend this morning.
$50 is on the line.
I'm not sure how my fast food addiction will factor into this.
I don't diet. It's a 4-letter word I'd rather not use.
I already had three mini crab cakes and a chocolate molten something-or-other during lunch with a friend today.
Off to a great start.
As a matter of fact, my life is so center around food that I bribed my husband a big dinner if he would set up my treadmill in the basement.
I would rather workout than deprive myself of all the bad things in life.

At least someone in this family can look svelte while downing a big ol' juicy burger from Wendy's.
That man never gains a pound.
He eats to live. I live to eat.

If I were liberal, I would sue the fast food industry for making me fat.
I mean, it's not my fault.
Okay, whatever, it is.

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