Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pickin' Berries

My husband has been trying to get me to make preserves from the wild berries that grow on the farm for several years now.

It finally happened this year.

But I managed to trick him into doing it himself.

We went out to pick berries the other night.

And one of the benefits of being 1,000 months pregnant in the scorching heat is my husband helps me out with little chores that he otherwise wouldn't.

And I don't just mean picking berries.

When it came time to make jam the next night, I had enough berries and plums for three batches.

He got home from guys night at 11:00 pm and I put him straight to work.

I convinced him I just needed him to stir.

But by time the night was over, he had made the berry jam all by himself.

As well as one of the batches of plum jelly.

I'm entering them in the fair in his name.

Who's manly now?

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