Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well Damn, So Much For That

My husband has worn his wedding ring a total of maybe ten times since we got married. And only for a few hours at a time at church or a wedding. 

At last check, he wasn't even sure where it was.

I don't think he's seen it in a couple of years.

Everyone wanted to act like I was some huge a-hole when I bought him the cheapo $168 ring.

Now they see why. 

I'm starting to think now I could have saved an additional $30 by not opting for the comfort-fit style. He doesn't even wear it long enough to be uncomfortable.

I, on the other hand, haven't taken my wedding bands off since our wedding day almost five years ago when he put them on my finger.

Until now.

I had dreams of wearing them until the day I die.

But pregnancy and the summertime heat had other plans for me.

Rather than risk getting them cut off in the very near future due to swelling, I went ahead and took them off.

My finger still hasn't regained its original shape.

It's actually pretty gnarly right now.

I guess that makes going to the bar and playing single out of the question.

If the giant belly doesn't tip guys off, the crazy indention on my ring finger will.


Maggie Klonsky said...

I absolutely love reading your blog posts Andrea! You crack me up!

Greg & Tanya said...

HA - love you, Andrea! Thank you for being real! :) - Tanya