Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pretty Kitty

Back in April, my baby had babies.

And they have been melting my heart every since.

When they all disappeared recently for more than a week, I was devastated.

My husband assumed a hawk got them.

It made me sick to my stomach.

But then they slowly started showing back up.

Each day a different one would reappear in the shop.

And now my heart is full again.

I seriously can't get anything done with these fluffballs around.

We just snuggle.

All day.

Meet Flip.

(Short for Flippy Floppy)

A super sweet little boy.

He got his name because he's like Gumby when you pick him up. 

You can flip him all around and he just flops in your hands.

This is DG Ranger.

(Short for Dirt Girl Lone Ranger)

She got the Dirt Girl title because anytime there is a pile of dirt, that's exactly where you will find her napping.

And Lone Ranger because she used to separate herself from everyone else in the litter.

She likes to do her own thing.

On the left, we have Lou Lou.

(Short for Lou Lou Holtz)

My husband named her Lou Holtz (and added the second Lou after we realized she was a girl) because she's got this cute this pink spot on her lip and nose that reminds him of the former football coach.

Weird, I know.

And on the right is Tigger.

No great story here.

He just has tiger stripes.

Tigger is the playful one.

They are absolute doll babies.

All of them.

The snuggliest barn cats you've ever come across.

Now hopefully these little punks figure out how to catch mice.

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